Travel log about the trials and tribulations whilst Living in Japan - 2004

Friday, October 29, 2004

Day 244

Would you believe that it is now 3:40AM as I sit here writing this entry! I got home today after a quick beer with the boys and I decided that I would start packing my bags for China for some reason! And yes. It took a little longer than expected, but I can now relax and take it easy over the weekend because everything is now done!

Today was also my last class for 6 weeks until I get back from China. I was thinking today that I will miss teaching these people for 6 weeks! It may sound crazy, but it will be strange touring around again not worrying about having to work or do other ‘Batchelor’ style duties! The life of a tourist again will be fantastic!

On the topic, I am now so excited about going to China! I have spoken/been speaking to so many people that have travelled to China and surrounding areas and some of the stories I hear are both remarkable and repulsive! Nevertheless, life is one big experience, and the way I see it is not many people can come back from overseas and say that they were able to have a dump in an ‘open air’ toilet! The little things in life…!

And that is all! Considering that I got up at 4:30AM yesterday morning to ring my brother and cousin to wish them luck for their English exam today, I think I may hit the sack myself because it has now just ticked on 4:00AM! Crikey, I must have dozed off without realising it!

I have a party to go to tomorrow night so most likely you wont here from me then so until Sunday,